Nov 24

Research Article – A “Trojan Horse” to the American diet”

Larry J. Fontana
2000 Words

A “Trojan Horse” to the American diet”

High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) was introduced into the American diet in the 1970s. Since its inception, the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) has relentlessly tried to convince us that HFCS is a natural and safe additive because it is derived from corn. In spite of the CRAs misleading claims, doctors, nutritionists and health and medical associations continue to warn us about the dangers of HFCS. Organizations such as the American Heart Association and the Food and Drug Administration are finally stepping-up and offering specific recommendations for the use of refined sugars and HFCS.

Even Vice President Biden ranked Corn Syrup as deadlier than terrorism in regard to the potential loss of American lives. The controversy regarding HFCS is rooted in three areas: scientific studies showing that refined sugars and HFCS contribute to diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease; deceptive marketing practices of the CRA claiming HFCS is safe and natural; and how widely and insidiously HFCS has infiltrated its way into our food supply.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup, like a “Trojan Horse” to the American diet, is not a safe sweetener despite claims by the manufacturers; studies show it to be a major contributor to Americas most common and deadly diseases.

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