Category: Coaching

Dec 28

Reflective Coaching

Whether you are on an individual or professional path, think of me as your ‘virtual partner’ applying my intuitive, empathic, experiential and practical expertise | discover, articulate, identify and integrate what is most essential to you. From a professional perspective, we focus on your personal-strengths, learning and communication style; how goals and passions are valued …

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Mar 14


Assessment Tools (science) effectively help us identify and develop talents, values, communication and processing styles, behavior, strengths, MO, predispositions and more. They support our overall journey, learning and conversations; they do not tell you who you are! The true value of an assessment’s journey is the integration, the conversations and connecting the dots. In and …

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Apr 11

Inter-generational workplace

It is my contention that Baby-Boomers and Millennial’s offer each other great cultural and humanitarian opportunities to co-create, work, learn and grow. I have a deep calling to work with and support this inter-generational movement.        

Mar 05

Quotes to Ponder…

“When we focus on the journey, we realize that the way we do things matters more than the profit, more than profit margin, the vote talley, the scorecard or who “won” And when we do things the right way – with honesty, integrity and respect for others – we experience the peace of mind that …

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