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Nov 22

How-to Article – Grow Sprouts Indoors

Published – Colorado Gardener – “Grow Sprouts Indoors” (how-to) Includes all illustrations and photography (PAGE 12-13) – – Link to article (PAGE 12-13)

Nov 22

How-to Article – Wheatgrass – Grow & Juice your Own

Published – Colorado Gardener – “Wheat-grass – Grow & Juice your Own” (published how-to) Includes all illustrations and photography (PAGE 12-13) – – Link to article (PAGE 12-13) ——————————————————-

Nov 22

Research and Interviews – Pikes Peak Urban Gardens

Published – Gazette Fresh*ink – “Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, includes all illustrations, photography and Interviews – Link to article ———————– Pikes Peak Urban Gardens – Build it and they will come. By Larry J. Fontana Just a few years ago Larry Stebbins, founder, director and enthusiastic force behind the Pikes Peak Urban (PPUG) was having …

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Nov 24

Research Article – A “Trojan Horse” to the American diet”

Larry J. Fontana 2000 Words A “Trojan Horse” to the American diet” High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) was introduced into the American diet in the 1970s. Since its inception, the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) has relentlessly tried to convince us that HFCS is a natural and safe additive because it is derived from corn. In spite …

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Nov 23

Research Essay – Enlightened Education

Larry J. Fontana – 1740 Words – By integrating Passion, Pleasure and Purpose into our schooling environment, common educational activities can be transformed into self-actualizing learning adventures. Self-actualization is defined in the Free Dictionary as “To develop or achieve one’s full potential” (“Self-actualize”). Also, the distinction between student-centered learning and a standardized education (Rhonda, and …

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Nov 17

Interview Article – Music at Midday

Published – Gazette Fresh*Ink – “Music at Midday” – Review Colorado College Community Music Event – Includes all illustrations, photography and Interviews. Link to article. —————————————– If you haven’t heard about the Music at Midday program presented by the Colorado College (CC) music department you are in for a real treat! The program is a …

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Feb 01

Skydiving Essay – Adventure at 14,000 feet

The idea of skydiving has been in my thoughts for many years, yet for one reason or another it was never the right time or place. I imagined how I would feel at the moment just before the big leap tossing my body out of a perfectly good airplane. At times I wondered if it …

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Dec 28

Interview and Essay – Life choices

Life choices regarding work, family, marriage and lifestyle Larry J. Fontana Through the course of a person’s life, many choices are made. So much, that people do not often realize their magnitude and interdependencies. Decisions are made from the minute after waking to seconds before falling asleep; what to do, what to postpone, what to …

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Oct 24

General Palmer Statue – Colorado Springs – The time has come!

No one can deny that General Palmer was a compelling figure and benefactor in the life, spirit and history of Colorado Springs. To honor the many contributions the general has made to Colorado Springs, a bronze statue was presented by its creator, Nathan D. Potter of New York City, and now stands where it was …

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Dec 05

Essay – Cultural Folklore

Larry J. Fontana Cultural Folklore Before “civilizing contact” was introduced through British colonization the Naga lived according to a traditional cultural style. Their beliefs, customs, opinions and values were passed down through many generations of ancestors using an oral tradition, word of mouth. The stressing of the written word and literature from the British challenged …

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