Dec 28

Reflective Coaching

Whether you are on an individual or professional path, think of me as your ‘virtual partner’ applying my intuitive, empathic, experiential and practical expertise | discover, articulate, identify and integrate what is most essential to you.

From a professional perspective, we focus on your personal-strengths, learning and communication style; how goals and passions are valued and utilized within a work environment. From a personal perspective, we deepen with the heart, mind and soul whispers and the feelings around success, challenges and aspirations.

Using various assessments as a catalyst to deepen our conversations, we can discover client individuality from creative, social, natural and adapted areas. We seek to identify processing and learning styles, communication preferences and avoidance goals.

During the first 2-4 sessions, we will have made great progress on our framework and process, for example: an alliance of trust and credibility, permission and confidentiality, designing the future, discovery, outcomes, tools and logistics.

Reflective Coaching:

Reflective coaching is creative, balanced and integrative. During our exploratory conversations, we identify client awareness, challenges, aspirations and an observer-centric world-view. We look carefully at successes, setbacks, blind-spots, enthusiasm, passion and potential. Our intention is to bring forth client-centered curiosity to discover core patterns and how they may be impacting success and satisfaction.

We deepen our conversations to understand beliefs, emotions and intentions, and we overlay this information within the goal-setting process. The primary focus here are to help uncover any attributes, behaviors or skills that might enhance or inhibit successful outcomes or be obvious candidates for seeking external support, deligation, collaboration, specific considerations or environmental changes.

Practice, Patience, Persistence

We have spent many years learning to act the way we are now. It may take some time and trial and error to unlearn and relearn. Integral Coaching offers you an environment of compassionate support in which to learn, experiment, succeed and sometimes fail. Practice, patience and persistence are a key to success, as Napoleon Hill states in a famous quote: “Their greatest success came just one step beyond the point in which defeat had taken them over” (Hill).

Strengths vs. Weakness

Unfortunately, most of us have a little sense of our talents and strengths much less the ability to build our lives around them. Instead, guided by our parents, teachers, managers and psychology’s obsession with pathology, we become experts in our weaknesses and spend our lives trying to repair these flaws while our strengths lie dormant and neglected. – D. Clifton

As your facilitator and advocate we will identify and untangle these misconceptions and misguided efforts and reestablish the essence of your clarity and enthusiasm on your journey to greatness!

Language and Listening

Language is central to the expression of the human soul. Our deeply felt concerns and what is meaningful for us are contained in our listening. As interpretation, our listening informs us of what is possible, and how to respond to the world.

We seek to understand ourselves as the observer and to learn to use communication as a “creation vehicle” not simply a reporting tool.

Truth Loves a Witness

This may be the most compelling element of all. The absolute magic that is often revealed through authentic inquiry and conversation with an objective and compassionate witness.

I recall the statement that even more than being loved, people wish to be known. On a provocative personal journey such as knowing ourselves, we will most assuredly uncover fundamental questions and beliefs in regard to our truth in the context of a greater purpose, passion or calling.

Difficult Conversations:

There are also times when difficult conversations show up in your life and if a relationship is going to prosper or slip away, a candid dialog may be necessary. The more authentic and passionate the issues are, the more daunting the conversation can feel. There is a great book titled: “Difficult Conversations (Douglas Stone) which can offer us a very effective roadmap for navigating such delicate situations.