Jan 12

Workplace Communication (DISC)

The true value of an assessment’s journey is the integration, the conversations and connecting the dots. In and of themselves, most assessments offer the same level of information. How you ultimately apply the information to the changes in your life is paramount; this is the value of a reflective-coach.

Using various assessments as a catalyst to deepen our conversations, we discover individual and co-creative preferences (relational or task oriented) creative, social, natural and adapted areas. We  identify processing and learning styles, communication preferences and avoidance goals.

We will primarily focus on DISC and compliment it with other assessments for perspective and congruence.

  • Disc helps to articulate values, communication styles, preferences and motivations, and enhances relationships, conversations, understanding and progress…
  • It is a great baseline for expanding self-awareness, transitions and development.
  • DiSC is a behavior assessment tool based on the theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which centers on four different behavioral traits: dominance, influence, submission, and compliance.

Whether you are on an individual or professional path, think of me as your ‘virtual partner’ applying my empathic, experiential and practical expertise | discover, articulate, identify and integrate what is most essential to you.

Slides / Overview (PDF):