Dec 28

Interview and Essay – Life choices

Life choices regarding work, family, marriage and lifestyle
Larry J. Fontana

Through the course of a person’s life, many choices are made. So much, that people do not often realize their magnitude and interdependencies. Decisions are made from the minute after waking to seconds before falling asleep; what to do, what to postpone, what to wear, when to eat. What time to be at work, and who will bring the kids to the daycare? There are also other types of choices, beyond the day-to-day; the big choices, the defining moments in one’s life, that either consciously or unconsciously, influences longer-term directions and paths. Courses not so easily reversed.

Those choices may include: marriage, divorce, and religious affiliations (Henslin: 367), whether to go to college, or which vocation to choose. Should one join the Peace Corps, or rise beyond social-class with a career in law, medicine or politics? Deeply personal choices might include when to have a family, how many children, to have an abortion, providing care for elderly parents, and choices involving sexual control and identity (Henslin: 319.) To what level are choices affected by the circumstances, opinions and events surrounding them; and, or the times when people believe they do not have a choice? The argument presented through this essay is that relationships, environments, cultural norms, societal conditioning and the expectations of family, friends and religion, are connected to individual life choices.

To explore this further, Kellie, a wonderfully courageous woman and mother, and the subject of this interview, shares her story, history and choices around her childhood, marriage, divorce and sexuality, including the risks, implications and consequences surrounding those choices.

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