Dec 05

Movie Review Essay; Brothers

Larry J. Fontana

Movie Paper; Brothers

The movie titled “Brothers,” centers around the dynamics of a family unit, including Sam Cahill, one of the two brothers in the story, a military man about to be deployed on his second tour in Afghanistan. He is married to a beautiful wife Grace, whom he is absolutely in love with, and she with him. Tommy Cahill, the screw-up brother, is just released from jail after serving time for bank robbery. Sam and Grace have two well-adjusted and happy daughters, Isabelle and Maggie, who love their parents and their grandparents Hank and Elsie, who play an active role within the family. They all admire and look up to Sam as a hero and a role model and are sad and worried that he is leaving.

It is said that “only the dead have seen the end of war.” Sam now has to ask himself if he will be able to live again; dealing with the deepest level of honesty, trust, truth and forgiveness he has ever had to face. The movie Brothers, on many levels is a story of love, trust, honesty, perceptions and ultimately redemption. The movie embraces and applies a great depth and variety of compelling Communications Themes.

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