Nov 17

Interview Article – Music at Midday

Published – Gazette Fresh*Ink – “Music at Midday” – Review Colorado College Community Music Event – Includes all illustrations, photography and Interviews.

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If you haven’t heard about the Music at Midday program presented by the Colorado College (CC) music department you are in for a real treat! The program is a truly enjoyable win-win opportunity for CC music students to gain experience performing for live audiences and for the Colorado Springs community to enjoy live music recitals while supporting and encouraging these fabulous young musicians. And, if that is not enough the Music at Midday concerts are free, open to the public and suitable for the entire family!

The Music at Midday on Feb 9th in Packard Hall presented seven talented student recitals performing to an audience of over sixty people. The spacious stadium seating, diffused house lights and brightly lit stage accented the beautiful hardwood-floors and shiny black grand piano — all creating a very welcoming and anticipatory atmosphere.

The concert began with an articulate guitar-solo of Francisco Tarrega’s “Lagrima,” performed by Neil Hesse. Dan Brink on piano and Andrew Pope on clarinet performed a captivating rendition of “Andante Semplice” composed by Aaron Copland. The recital continued with two inspiring solo vocal recitals including West Side Story’s “Something’s Coming” performed by Zach Anderson, and “Come Away, Death” through the powerful voice of Kate Vukovich, composed by Roger Quilter. A foot-stomping finale by “Brown Country Breakdown” (photo) brought the very enthusiastic audience to their feet in appreciation of this enjoyable event.

According to Victoria Levine, a Professor of Music at the Colorado College music department, Music at Midday is offered free of charge and open to the public eight-times per year and has been doing so for the past thirty-years! The performers are typically music majors of Colorado College; however, non-music-majors attending CC classes with a passionate interest in musical performance are also invited to audition. There are thirty-six musical events presented by the CC music department during each school year, Levine added.

Live concerts can be particularly rewarding when they are as up-close and personal to the performers as with Music at Midday’s venue. A musical event can inspire and entertain adults, teens and children of all ages. It can be especially valuable to pre-college students who would like a glimpse into college-level musical studies or have aspirations towards a professional musical career.

There is still time to enjoy Music at Midday prior to the 2011 summer break, but you will have to hurry! There are only two Music at Midday events remaining between now and the “The Bowed Piano Ensemble” on May 11th. Visit the CC Calendar at for details on these Music at Midday events and numerous other CC musical events that are free and open to the public – you will be glad you did!


Published – Gazette Fresh*Ink – “music at midday” – Review Colorado College Community Music Event – Includes all illustrations, photography and Interviews.

Link to article.