Dec 13

About Project-Based Consulting

I propose every organization needs a inspirational-catalyst, who will enthusiastically and objectively observe and interact within operational dynamics and integrity from an individual, collective and customer perspective.

We first want to understand what works and what doesn’t, which is something each organization will need to decide; to understand and articulate if business operation’s are supporting the company vision. For example, how we:  innovate and build ideas, measure progress, manage the cracks, resolve  conflicts, build and sustain workplace effectiveness (local and telecommute.)

Do you realize it costs five- times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one?

According to a Harvard study, “up to 75% of the value of corporations is made up of intangible assets – human capital, organizational capital, information capital, culture capital, leadership and customer loyalty.”

My Approach:

I draw from a plethora of tools, experiences and wisdom, to articulate and orchestrate personal and professional development and operational integrity through project-based consulting; focus on workplace culture, communication, technology and customer experience (testimonials.)

  • Objectively interact and observe your organization, utilizing group brainstorming, presentations, reflections and co-creative collaboration.
  • Identify and crystallize unique and effective workplace opportunities as well as blocks, blind-spots, under-developed and under-utilized passions, talents and resources.
  • Generate questions from the consumer point of view: What does customer experience mean for our organization? What barriers do we need to remove? What blind-spots need to be revealed? Do we need to re-organize? Does our process need to change – if so, how? What technology do we need?
  • Project oriented and people-centered | 2-10-month projects with extensions as needed.