Feb 01

Skydiving Essay – Adventure at 14,000 feet

The idea of skydiving has been in my thoughts for many years, yet for one reason or another it was never the right time or place.

I imagined how I would feel at the moment just before the big leap tossing my body out of a perfectly good airplane.

At times I wondered if it could also end up like a cheap two-dollar carnival ride; however, the only thing I knew for certain was if I looked back on my life without having accomplished this goal I would regret it.

So the big question was never if I was going to skydive, it was always a question of when!

Finally the day arrived in the fall of October 2004 through an amazing set of synchronicities — no thinking, no hesitating and no wondering. It was time!

Little did I realize what began as a ‘bucket list’ skydiving adventure would become an astonishing personal experience that enhanced my appreciation of the marvel and meaning of life.