Facilitation Testimonial:Larry Fontana possesses a level of insight, which is uncommon in the business setting. When working with Larry, one is sure to be guided to a place of clarity regarding “what’s up.” If a client is ready to face their situation, Larry’s gift of identifying the emotional themes, means that great progress can be made in a short period of time. When coupled with the panoply of tools he brings to the table, Larry’s insight often feels like magic.

I highly recommend Mr. Fontana to those business professionals who want their business performance and relationships to excel in satisfying both lifestyle and soul needs. It is possible to experience financial abundance while growing in personal integrity and joy. Larry Fontana offers the willing client this opportunity. I hope you take it!” – Kim, Attorney and Clergywomen



Facilitation Testimonial: “You can see the patterns, dynamics, relationships, flow in human systems –whether it be in a human being and their spirit, or two people and their communications, or a group, or a company. You can connect the dots that others have not been able to connect. You can see both what is not working, and you can generate ideas for new dynamics and flows. You can inspire energy and movement in these human systems.

You are a catalyst for energy to start flowing and progress to start occurring along the lines of a person’s or group’s gifts. You can cause the energy to electrically arc between the “dots” so that  the “dots” to connect where they haven’t connected before and the picture that has been waiting to form starts forming. You have a gift and passion for communicating to individuals and to groups as well, and can assist others in their communication dynamics.” – Katie, Professional Coach


CEO Testimonial: “Larry has an incredible knack for quickly grasping the intricacies of even the most complex of dreams, and helps me focus, bring context and clarity without ever loosing sight of the realities of day to day life.  Whether you are starting a new venture or wanting to take your life to a whole new level of success, Larry is the person you need to make your dream real!” – Julie, President/CEO Nonprofit Organization, Colorado


CEO Testimonial: “I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts on our behalf. You have spent valuable time to coach and advise us in directions that we would not have thought of without your input. Our Internet portals are benefiting from this advice, as we grow from a local Colorado portal to a national website directory.” – Artie, Entrepreneur